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Welcome to Ash Class!

Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Scrafton welcome you to Year One and an exciting year ahead! We are joined by Mrs Johnson and Ms Geominne who support Ash class with learning at different times during the week.

Autumn Term

Our project this term is …Shining Lights

Our essential question which is driving our learning forward is: What is it like in space?

We will learn about space travel, the first moon landing and the experiences of Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong, and making moon buggies which we will need your help with, so please look out for further information coming soon.

Spring Term

Our project this term is …Hot and Cold

Our essential question which is driving our learning forward is: Where in the world is Paddington Bear?

With Paddington Bear as our guide, we will explore the hot and cold places on Earth and learn in detail about the seven continents to help us draw comparisons between where we live and life in other places.

To support our scientific learning about animals, we have invited Tony Butler into school to gve children the opportunity to gain fiirst hand experience of a variety of the reptiles, birds and mammals we will be studying.


Here are some useful websites for home learning:

Wriggly Nativity!

Year One performed their Christmas production 'Wriggly Nativity' on Thursday 13th December to parents/carers and special visitors. All the children worked incredibly hard in the run-up to the perfromance to learn the songs, action and  spoken parts. We are very proud of them!

Ordering numbers to 20

We have been busy ordering numbers to 20.