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Welcome to our Class Page

We are a lovely class of 23 Year 2 children, who love to learn. Our Class Teacher is Mrs Robinson and Mrs Owens is our Teaching Assistant.

Spring Term

Our theme this term is …Red, White and Blue

Our essential question which is driving our learning forward is: What makes Britain great?

The Queen has asked the children to put on an event to raise money for her charity the British Red Cross. They are so excited and really keen to put on an event for the Queen. Watch this space as parents will be invited and a date will follow.

In English we will be re writing the Queen’s knickers story by Nicholas Allan for an older audience. We will also be creating a non-fiction poster about what we think makes Britain great.

This term we will be focussing on multiplication, division, time, measures and money. Any activities you can do at home to help with analogue time, measures and money will be a great help.

Our reading challenge last term was a huge success with most children participating with enthusiasm. We have seen impressive progress with their fluency in reading. This is enabling us to develop comprehension skills which is key for children to reach age related and above in year 2. As you aware, in the home school reading record, there is the new term’s target. We look forward to finding out what the children would like as their end treat and it would be great if we could take everyone with us. Thanking you in advance for all your support.

The exhibition at Caistor Yarbrough was a great success and a huge thank you to all the adults who supported us.

We enjoyed our final reading challenge treat at the Rock Foundation where we enjoyed a drink and some delicious cookies.

Summer Term

Our theme this term is……Journeys.

Our essential question is…‘Do all footprints tell a story?’

We’re sure the children will tell you all about what happens when they return after the holidays…watch this space!

In English we will be focusing on story writing, non-fiction writing and poetry.

In maths we will be focusing on fractions, measures, money and basic skills.

Our reading challenge last term was yet again a huge success with most children reaching the final target. We have noticed a direct correlation between reading at home regularly and attainment in reading. We are developing and fostering a real love for reading and we hope that all the children will be joining us for the final treat which will be a teddy bears’ picnic and play at the park.

Thank you once again for all your support.

Please visit the following websites for some useful home learning: