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Welcome to our Forest School

What Are Forest Schools?

“A Forest School is an innovative educational approach to outdoor play and learning.”

The philosophy of our Forest School is to encourage and inspire our children through positive outdoor experiences.

By participating in motivating, exciting and achievable activities in a woodland environment, children have opportunities to develop motivation, emotional and social skills and self awareness to enable them to reach their full potential.

Our Forest School will aim to develop:

  • Self Awareness
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Good social communication skills
  • Independence
  • A positive mental attitude, self-esteem and confidence

This time and reflective practice develops understanding of the world, the environment and everything within it through the use of emotions, imagination and senses.



Leaf Man

Leaf man has been visiting our forest. 

We decided to make him a home to encouarge him to stay with us. 

We worked really well together to make some very imaginative houses for leaf man. 

We love climbing!

One of our favourite things to do at Forest Schools is climbing in the trees.  We feel very safe and happy sitting in a tree.

Hunting in the woods

We love looking for things during our Forest School sessions. 

Look at the Harlequin Ladybird larvae we found, they were surrounded by hundreds of aphids. 

We keep looking for the new ladybird each time we visit the woods. 

What tree is this?

Everytime we go to Forest Schools we look at the seasons changing. 

We always look at the changes under our old oak tree. 

But what is this tree?

Team work

Forest Schools all about team work and cooperation with others.  

Conker Creatures

We have been exploring autumn. 

Look at us using the conker clamps to make woodland creatures.

Can you see the butterfly , the panda and the lovely jewellery we made?


The King of the tiny things

We have been busy making homes for the tiny things in our wood.  We learnt how to whittle using tools, some of whittled sticks to make fences for our houses. 

We really concentrated when we used the tools, look at the concentration on our faces.  

We love to climb!

Climbing trees and working together in our Forest School sessions really helps us to build confidence. 


The weather has been very cold and we have had lots of snow.  We decided to look after the birds that visit our school.  We made bird feeders and then worked together to make a nest.  Look at us using the tools very carefully.  

Journey sticks

We explored the forest and on our travels we made some journey sticks.  We all worked together and carefully measured the string.

We also practised our knots. Can you see the fish on the dish knot?  

1,2,3 Where are you?

This is our favourite Forest Schools game.  We all have to take turns and listen carefully.  These are some of our favourite hiding places.

Castle building in the woods.

Y1 have been learning about castles.  We went down to the woods to build our own Motte and Bailey castles. The motte is the mound forming the site that the castle was built. 

The Three Little Pigs

The Y1s visited the woods during their Forest School session.  They enjoyed building houses for the Three Little Pigs. 

The first little pig must have been really clever, we found it very hard building houses from straw!

Camp Fire time

We all had a lovely time toasting marshmallows at the camp fire.  We whittled our sticks for toasting, we helped to collect sticks and organised them by size. The marshmallows were delicious.  We all helped to put the fire out and each made a wish.  Let's hope that they come true.  

Sawing in the rain

It was a very wet day for Forest Schools today, but it didn't dampen our spirits. We had some fun jumping in the puddles before we headed to the woods.

We learnt how to whittle sticks and how to use a bow saw.  We worked really well together, what great team work.   

Sneezy the Dragon and a very wet day.

Sneezy the Dragon has been visiting the woods and destroyed all the Little Choo Choo peoples home.  We helped make some new homes for the little people.  We even made a den for some big people too.  We made a great shelter in the rain.  A perfect place for our hot chocolate.  

Forest School - Room on the Broom

We visited the forest and Ferdi the Forest School owl told us that the witch had lost her broom in the forest. We all helped to find the broom, it was stuck in the tree! We then worked together to make new brooms for all the animals.

Can you find the broom we made for a zebra?

Exploring trees

We have been exploring trees in our school forest.  First, we had to find the clues that Ferdi the owl had hidden.  

We then played 'meet the tree'.  We were surprised that the bark on all the trees feel different, some were smooth, some were rough.  

We were enjoyed sketching our favourite tree.  

Bows, swords and fishing rods!

We have been learning about 'Fairy Tales gone wrong'.  

We came out to the Forest to tell our own tales.  

Do you like the props we made for our stories?  

This year we have introduced Forest School sessions for our EYFS children. The concept of Forest Schools was developed in Scandinavia, and operates on the principle that children of all ages benefit from the learning opportunities present in a woodland environment. They found that by taking the majority of their learning outdoors, whatever the weather, their children became resilient, confident and independent learners.  

Forest Schools builds on the natural instinct to learn and explore. It offers opportunities for children to make choices for their own learning and take and manage risks. Development of these skills encourages positive attitudes and behaviour. 

The sessions are not activity based but instead are led by the interests of the learners. Children may enjoy such experiences as building shelters, woodland craft work, telling stories, climbing trees, hunting for mini beasts and making mud pies. As the programme develops woodland tools and lighting camp fires are introduced to extend learning and provide new opportunities for risk management.


What is a Forest School ?