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No news is good news!

Please do not telephone the school to ask if we are open

If there is no report on the radio or our website, the school is open 

We will only send out a message if we are closed;

We will make every effort to keep our school open for those children within walking distance of school in the event of bad weather, providing we are able to meet our health and safety requirements. If our school remains open however, we may not be able to provide a hot school meal for our children. We would be able to make provision for those children on free school meals but any other children would need to come to school with a packed lunch. 

Please do not telephone the school in these conditions to ask if we are open. We need to keep lines open to contact staff, bus companies etc. and other calls will cause delays.

Overnight Snow

Any closure will be announced on local radio - Radio Lincolnshire (94.9 & 104.7 FM), Lincs F.M (102.2FM) and Radio Humberside (95.9 FM). Any closure will also be posted on our website –  We will always aim to keep open if at all possible.


If a bus fails to arrive to collect children in the morning, children should wait at least 20 minutes.    If they receive a message to say that the bus is definitely on its way, they should continue to wait. Otherwise, children should return home in the interests of their health and safety. If children, who normally travel on the bus, are brought into school by parents/carers it is the responsibility of parents/carers to come to school and collect their child(ren) at the end of the day.

Early closure

If the weather turns bad suddenly, it may be necessary to send bus pupils home early before the roads become impassable.  Obviously we cannot give advance warning!  Please make sure your child has a “safe house” to go to and that he/she understands precisely what you expect of them.  Please advise the School Office of any changes to your contact details or safe house arrangements. If your child travels home by bus we will contact you if the buses are going to take the children home early.