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Caistor Church of England and Methodist Primary School


Our Vision


  • Upon entering Caistor Church of England and Methodist Primary School you will be greeted by welcoming staff and polite children.

  • We pride ourselves on creating an environment which is based upon mutual respect and care for one another.

  • There is a calm, caring and purposeful atmosphere where all staff and children embrace learning. Pupils are positive and confident in every day challenges.

  • Pupils are also self disciplined and want to make the right choices. All members of the school community have high expectations of themselves and each other, celebrating and valuing successes and achievements.

  • Our learning environment is bright, stimulating, clean, well resourced and organised. Displays are interactive, word rich and celebrate children’s work. Above all else there is an exciting buzz of learning throughout the school.

  • Our learners are stimulated by a broad, balanced, exciting and personalised curriculum where technology features strongly. Our learners are continually engaged in meaningful activity and are partners in their own learning. Experiences broaden pupils’ education and engage their senses. Our Christian ethos is embedded in our curriculum. Our curriculum enhances existing talents and helps pupils to discover new ones. We learn from each other.

  • Our school grounds have excellent play equipment and facilities. Outdoor learning spaces are created thoughtfully and are a safe place to be.

  • High expectations are reflected in relationships and quality of learning.

  • Our standards in both core and non-core subjects set us above other schools as we become a place of academic excellence. Pupils make excellent progress in their learning and they take pride in their work. All staff embrace the challenge of raising standards, enhanced by excellent links with our local Grammar and Secondary Schools.

  • Extra curricular activities are broad and varied and engage our stakeholders.

  • Support between our Caistor churches and school underpins our Christian values, nurturing, spiritual and moral development. Themed assemblies exemplify our celebration of diversity. Daily reflection promotes emotional and spiritual well-being.

  • Participation in community events and services throughout the year places our school firmly in the heart of the community.

  • Our Governors play a vital role in the life of the school, sharing expertise in their own fields, acting as critical friends and challenging us to achieve high standards and best value. They support staff as they strive to ensure each learner fulfils his or her true potential.

  • Parents and Carers play an active role in supporting the school community in many ways: as volunteers, sharing expertise, fundraising, (led by our highly effective and organised Friends of the School group), and actively engaging with their children’s learning beyond the school gate. Parents’ and Carers' views and opinions are valued on a daily basis and when effecting change. Their contributions are acknowledged and appreciated.

  • Our student councillors make effective and real changes to improve their school. They are truly representative of their peers and organise regular forums for discussion.

  • Pupil voice is prevalent in decision making and is active throughout the school. Pupils’ responses are evident through displays and in their books.

  • The relationship between all members of our school community is based on mutual respect. School improvement is led by the head teacher, and is supported by the assistant head teacher. All members of the community know they have a powerful contribution to make to change the school for the better.

  • The Head Teacher incorporates the views and talents of all to lead to a shared view of how to improve the school and to maximise the contribution of individuals. Staff have high expectations of themselves and of each other and systems are in place to ensure an effective change process. All staff have a strong desire to further their own learning and are open to new ways of learning. As responsible employees, the Governors and Head Teacher are actively committed to ensuring that a duty of care and dedication to equal opportunities for all our stakeholders is evident in all that we do together.

  • Children leave Caistor Church of England and Methodist Primary school as confident, self motivated, creative learners.

  • They are kind, reflective and community minded.

  • They are equipped to make sense and cope with the many challenges of life.

  • They have reached their potential and have the educational skills and attitudes to continue to do so.

  • They are prepared to take risks and always grab the opportunity to ‘have a go’.

  • They are happy, and a credit to themselves, their families and our school!


We care, we share and we learn together